ensemble2generations celebrates!

Our warm congratulations go to ensemble2generations which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Typhaine and Alain de Penfentenyo, who founded e2g, held a church service and reception in Paris to mark the event. Homeshare International was represented by the Chair, Rhian Bradley, and the Hon Director, Elizabeth Mills.

ensemble2generations has gone from strength to strength in its 10 years. From its base in Paris it now has programmes in 15 French cities and has enabled over 6,000 students and older people to benefit from shared living.

To mark the occasion e2g has published a wonderful book called ensemble deux generations (available in English and French). It allows us a real insight into what homeshare is all about, with 20 case studies and stunning photographs. It’s an inspiration to read. This quote from 83 year-old Paule sums it up:   “I didn’t expect to find Alicia’s arrival so stimulating. She has made me aware that I had lost the habit of talking just for the pleasure of it. Sharing your home with a young person brings you back to the world, into the flow of things. It makes me feel younger!”.  Download the English edition of the e2g book here

Read more about e2g at www.ensemble2generations.fr/

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