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Homeshare in Belgium started in July 2009 with 1toit2ages .

Website :

1toit2ages began in Brussels but is now covering other big towns such as Namur , Mons , Liege , Charleroi and Louvain la Neuve. Flander should also be  covered soon.

For who :

Students who need  a room to study and seniors from 50 years old  to ….98 at the moment ..who can offer a furnished room from September to June.

A choice between two solutions:

1  Economic lodgings (the charge to the student is approximately 100 Euros per month) for which they have a furnished bedroom and use of the house in exchange for a regular presence in the evenings and overnight, and undertaking small services as agreed with the householder

Un logement économique (l’étudiant verse 100 euros/mois) et offre en  échange une présence régulière le soir et la nuit ainsi que quelques services quotidiens tel que faire des courses, initier aux nouvelles technologies, fermer les volets  etc…Autant de petits services définis au cas par cas lors de la première rencontre.

2  Lodgings with rent (the charge to the student is a maximum of 300 Euros per month).  There is no further commitment required from the student, apart from providing a kindly and reassuring presence in the home and a nice supplementary income for the older person.

Each senior will have the opportunity to enjoy an enriching experience, which allows

  • relief from loneliness
  • sharing time together, with interesting conversations
  • a sense of security
  • being enabled to remain at home as long as possible
  • benefit from a small additional income.

The student, for his/her part, can enjoy an original and inexpensive housing solution and acquire new grandparents!!

Un logement avec loyer (l’étudiant verse une somme maximum de  300 euros/mois), aucun engagement alors de sa part si ce n’est une présence bienveillante et rassurante et un agréable complément de revenu pour le senior.

Chaque senior y trouve ainsi la possibilité de vivre une expérience enrichissante, qui lui permet

– de rompre sa solitude,

-de partager du temps, des conversations,

-de se sentir en sécurité,

-de rester chez lui le plus longtemps possible

-et enfin de bénéficier éventuellement d’un petit complément de revenu.

Le jeune de son côté y trouve  une solution de logement originale et peu coûteuse; ce sont un peu des « grands- parents » qu’il retrouve !

How does it work :  selection of the students as well as the senior,

Creation of the matches: Un suivi est également assuré par l’ASBL tout au long de l’année afin de s’assurer du respect de la convention signée entre les parties.

Does it work ?  With 20 matches the first year, 1toit2ages created more than 250 matches within three years. Une réeelle demande existe et 1toit2ages est en progression tous les ans.

Who pays?  Both householders and homesharers are required to pay a small annual fee to the homeshare programme.

Email Address:

Telephone number:
0032 475 93 28 28

Contact name, address, website:
Claire de Kerautem,



SOlink is a foundation in the Netherlands, founded in the summer of 2009, that brings 50-plus elderly together with students. A 50-plus person who has room available is linked with a student who wants to rent a room during his or hers period of study. SOlink was brought into life, because many elderly are feeling lonely and many students are in need of space, since there is a shortage in available rooms. Both problems can be solved by placing these people together. When this happens, matches are made carefully based on personality, wishes etc.


Malachiet 300
3316LD Dordrecht
0031 786 18 79 36
Brian van der Graaf, Project Manager,
Frans van Maanen, Chairman