How homeshare operates – HI publishes survey findings

Homeshare International has launched the results of the survey it conducted last year into how homeshare programmes operate round the world. Business models for homeshare programmes summarises data from 48 programmes in 11 countries. The survey covers business models (for profit/ not for profit), geographic spread, use of paid staff and volunteers, fees payable and age restrictions on home providers. Read the results here hirag-fact-sheet-1-business-models-2016

Translations of the survey into several languages are in preparation – watch this space!

The survey was the first to be undertaken by the Homeshare International Research Advisory Group (HIRAG). We hope to replicate the study from time to time as homeshare spreads and evolves. Other surveys are planned – and we welcome your ideas about helpful subjects to cover. Our grateful thanks go to Mariano Sanchez who led the project.