International Advisory Group


World Congress 2009

An International Advisory Group for Homeshare International and a Charter

A most exciting development from the conference was the establishment of an International Advisory Group for Homeshare International. The founder members of this are:

  • Carmel Hurst (Australia)
  • Typhaine de Penfentenyo (France)
  • Helmut Berghaus (Germany)
  • Angelo Mussoni (Italy)
  • Stella Antonio (Portugal)
  • Josep Solans (Spain)
  • Angela Catley (UK)
  • Kirby Dunn (USA)

The majority of this group met on the final day of the Congress and agreed that there should be two grades of membership of Homeshare International:
1. Programme membership – a fixed annual subscription of $100/€100 was suggested
2. Friends of Homeshare International for individuals – a suggested annual donation of a minimum of $25/€25 was suggested.

The role of the International Advisory Group is to advise the Trustees on policy issues, to act as ambassadors for Homeshare International and to provide information on the development of homeshare in their countries.

The Homeshare Charter
The International Advisory Group agreed to adopt a Homeshare International Network Charter, setting out the shared standards of all programmes wishing to join the Homeshare International Network. The object of the Charter is to support the move of Homeshare International from a UK-based charity to a genuinely international membership organisation. This is the first step to achieve our vision.

Homeshare International was invited to offer accreditation for homeshare programmes with a marque for members’ websites and material. There was also a request for the charity to help develop research templates and assistance with evidence gathering with a common method of benchmarking.

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