Homeshare International is a network of professionals worldwide who run a homeshare programme, support the development of homesharing or raise awareness of what homeshare can offer as a solution to many of society’s needs. Join the network here.

Homeshare enables two unrelated people to share their lives for their mutual benefit. A homesharer provides support and companionship to a householder in exchange for free or low-cost accommodation. Homeshare is a flexible solution that can benefit many people with support or housing needs.

Homeshare builds relationships, often between two generations, recognising that people who take part have needs and something to give.

We do not provide a homesharing service to individuals – if you are interested in becoming a homesharer read about programmes that operate in various countries.

Homeshare on the BBC!

Homeshare has recently had some brilliant coverage on the BBC. A 20-minute radio programme on the BBC’s World Service did a very informative piece on the homeshare concept. It featured Typhaine de Penfentenyo of ensemble2générations and some of her successful matches as well as our Director, Elizabeth Mills. You can listen here:

The story was then picked up in the BBC online magazine: One solution to two big social problems. See

The BBC’s World Service reached a global audience of 348 million people in 2016 – let’s hope many of them were tuned in!

Postscript – just as we posted this we heard that BBC Radio Manchester interviewed homesharers  matched by PossAbilities – see them on Facebook 

They will be coming to the Madrid congress in May!

How homeshare operates – HI publishes survey findings

Homeshare International has launched the results of the survey it conducted last year into how homeshare programmes operate round the world. Business models for homeshare programmes summarises data from 48 programmes in 11 countries. The survey covers business models (for profit/ not for profit), geographic spread, use of paid staff and volunteers, fees payable and age restrictions on home providers. Read the results here hirag-fact-sheet-1-business-models-2016

Translations of the survey into several languages are in preparation – watch this space!

The survey was the first to be undertaken by the Homeshare International Research Advisory Group (HIRAG). We hope to replicate the study from time to time as homeshare spreads and evolves. Other surveys are planned – and we welcome your ideas about helpful subjects to cover. Our grateful thanks go to Mariano Sanchez who led the project.

HANZA looks east

Our friends from down under have some great news to report in their latest newsletter. They are supporting a Singaporean organisation called Ageing Asia which hopes to bring homeshare to the country for the first time. On home territory, HANZA has received a grant to develop a course in homeshare practice. Read all their news in  hanza-news-september-2016

Call for papers for the Madrid Congress May 2017

The next World Homeshare Congress, to be held in Madrid, Spain on 25 and 26 May 2017, will be run jointly by Homeshare International and Solidarios. We welcome applications from people willing to be a keynote speaker, a round table leader, to present a paper, or even to enter our photographic competition.

The theme of the Congress is Expanding homeshare: building bridges.

Please complete the online form, which you will find here in English: 

and Spanish:

The closing date to send expressions of interest is 30 November 2016. Those selected will benefit from a free place at the Congress.

The Congress will be using both English and Spanish so your participation can be in either language.

Save the date! 5th World Congress May 2017

Our next world congress will be held from Thursday 25 May to Friday 26 May 2017 in the vibrant Spanish capital, Madrid. Book the dates in your diaries now!

Palacio Cibeles MadridOur hosts in Spain will be Solidarios, a voluntary organisation that runs homeshare as part of its work on intergenerational issues.

Our venue will be Madrid’s flamboyant City Hall, the Palacio Cibeles.

Watch this space for details of the programme and how to book your place.