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Who we are

Homeshare International supports a network of professionals worldwide who run homeshare programmes. Our aims are to encourage learning and good practice, foster new programmes and understand the impact of homesharing. We also raise awareness of what homeshare can offer as a solution to many of society’s needs. 

What is homeshare?

Homesharing enables two unrelated people to share their lives for their mutual benefit. A homesharer provides support and companionship to a householder in exchange for free or low-cost accommodation. Homeshare can benefit many people with support or housing needs.

Homeshare programmes

There are now programmes in 16 countries from Canada to Korea, Austria to Australia. These programmes typically match older householders with young homesharers. Homesharing builds relationships, often between two generations, recognising that people who take part have needs and something to give.

Our work

Learning from each other in Madrid

Over 140 homeshare practitioners from 11 countries attended the Fifth World Homeshare Congress in Madrid, Spain in May 2017. Alfonso Fajardo (shown here leading a workshop) and colleagues from Solidarios ran this highly successful two-day event. Read more about the Congress, including the presentations.

French programme supports Martinique

Our French members ensemble2générations recently visited Martinique to help them to set up the first homeshare programme in the Caribbean. e2g is very successful in France, running programmes in several cities, and it has now shared its methodology with many other countries.

Homesharing goes east

Groups in Japan and Korea are now setting up pilot homeshare programmes in their countries and sent delegates to our recent congress in Madrid to network with other practitioners. Both groups are also getting support from Australia where the national umbrella body, HANZA (Homeshare Australia and New Zealand Alliance) supports not only local start-ups but also groups in the Asia-Pacific region.

Homeshare International Congress: POSTPONED

We are very sorry to postpone our biennial world Homeshare congress which would have taken place in May 2021. We hope to bring you news of new dates and for it to still be in Liverpool as planned in 2022. Watch this space!

Coronavirus Update

There is lots of information and guidance going around about how to respond to Coronavirus in your countries. We know that people over 65 and those with existing health conditions are particularly vulnerable. We are seeing lots of good examples of how Homesharers are supporting each other through this time. Especially those who are far away from family and can’t travel.

Please refer to you own country’s guidance on how to advise and respond to the crisis with your Homeshare matches.

The World Health Organisation has general guidance on their website you can also refer to here:

Please stay safe during this time and do contact us if we can help in any way during this time

You can email us at

Homeshare International @ 20!

Homeshare International’s 20th anniversary was celebrated with a gigantic cake at the Brussels congress dinner in March 2019 and with the publication of a review of its recent work. Nurturing a global network: homeshare in action 2014-2019 summarises our recent activities and gives a snapshot of homesharing in spring 2019. We’ve come a long way in 20 years! Read the review here.

Homeshare International to partner with Shared Lives Plus

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Homeshare International and Shared Lives Plus have partnered to continue and develop the work that Homeshare International has been undertaking so effectively for the last twenty years. Homesharing has been in the news a lot recently, reflecting its growth across the world. This is in no small measure due to the joint efforts of Homeshare International and its worldwide network, and Homeshare UK with the support of Shared Lives Plus, the UK network for shared living.
Read more about the partnership.
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