homeshareHomeshare is a simple but brilliant idea – it is the exchange of housing for help in the home.

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Welcome to our website. It’s here to tell you all about homesharing around the world as well as the work of Homeshare International.

Homesharing is a simple idea. A householder offers accommodation to a homesharer in exchange for an agreed level of support. The support needed may be help with the household tasks, or it may be financial support, or a combination of both. Homeshare is essentially an exchange that recognises that two people have needs and something to offer.

This site will be of interest to:

  • agencies already running homeshare programmes
  • people who want to set up a programme
  • people who are looking for free or low-cost accommodation
  • people willing to share their homes in exchange for help
  • people interested in inter-generational programmes
  • those interested in new ways of keeping older people independent
  • policy makers and academics who wish to keep abreast of innovative programmes

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