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Who we are

Homeshare International supports a network of professionals worldwide who run homeshare programmes. Our aims are to encourage learning and good practice, foster new programmes and understand the impact of homesharing. We also raise awareness of what homeshare can offer as a solution to many of society’s needs. 

What is homeshare?

Homesharing enables two unrelated people to share their lives for their mutual benefit. A homesharer provides support and companionship to a householder in exchange for free or low-cost accommodation. Homeshare can benefit many people with support or housing needs.

Homeshare programmes

There are Homeshare programmes in many countries from Canada to Korea, Austria to Australia. These programmes typically match older householders with young homesharers. Homesharing builds relationships, often between two generations, recognising that people who take part have needs and something to give.

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Government Relations

Communicating with elected officials


  • Reach out to municipal, provincial, or federal elected representatives months in advance of a campaign.
  • Be clear about what you want.
  • Work with their staff; make sure the staff understand your position so they can explain (and, hopefully, support) it accurately to the elected representative, and to their colleagues.
  • When meeting with an elected official, make sure a board member, senior volunteer or other supporter is present.


🔲 To inform the official about (topic/issue/campaign) and your planned activities.
🔲 To inform them about the work that you perform in your community and its impact.
🔲 To ensure they understand the value of Homeshare.
🔲 To make them aware of the impact of their policies on Homeshare and the people in your community.
🔲 To develop a good working relationship so that your programme can be a source of information about issues related to Homeshare.
🔲 Other…

Provide elected officials with the information they need to make good decisions that affect Homeshare.

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HI in Conversation – May 2023

Join HI in Conversation in May 2023 to learn about the importance of social connections, and how they impact health and well-being.

Presented by Heather Thompson of Canada, two sessions are offered to accommodate different time zones. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Home Share Oregon leads the way…

May be an image of monument and outdoors

In just two short years since starting their work, Home Share Oregon has over 900 registered Home Providers. They are also working on legislative changes to make homesharing more affordable for the providers. House Bill 3032 has successfully made it out of the Committee of Housing and Homelessness and into the Joint Committee on Tax Expenditures. Other States are following this with interest. We hope it will be emulated far and wide!

Homeshare Happenings

Carol spent decades teaching in Vermont. Katie was moving to Vermont to take a teaching position at UVM. They found each other through HomeShare Vermont last summer. Carol feels like she’s gained another daughter…one who can take care of her cat when she travels to visit her four children. Katie now has an unofficial tour guide of Vermont and a wonderful place to live while she’s teaching here. Read their story in Homeshare Vermont’s February Newsletter

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