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HI in Conversation – November 2022

Join HI in Conversation in November 2022 to learn about the National Health Service and Social Care in England, and how it is tackling housing & inequality through Homeshare.

The National Health Service (NHS) and Social Care systems in England are a complex set of arrangements covering a wide range of organisations. This complexity can make it difficult for new services to engage with the NHS, especially where the service works best covering a number of organisations.

At the same time, issues around housing in England are becoming more acute covering poor quality housing driven by a lack of housing supply and strong demand. With housing being a key determinant of health outcomes, the NHS, in its role as an Anchor Institution, is driving a programme targeting health inequalities, as well as trying to solve its staff housing issues.

The session will go through a basic overview of the NHS, its role looking at housing in the aspects of health outcomes and the role that Homeshare can take to support improved health outcomes, both in England and other global health systems.

This HI in Conversation session is open to everyone. It will be led by Ian Burden, Head of Transformation, NHS England – South West with Sibel Whitehead of Supportmatch Homeshare, followed by opportunity for questions and discussion.

Join HI in Conversation Sept 2022

Join us for an hour starting at 12:00 UTC on 30 September, 2022 to learn about the study coordinated by Cohabilis in France on the economic potential of inter-generational solidarity homesharing.

This study was carried out by three university researchers and a consulting firm. The objectives were to identify the economic “impacts” of the solidarity plan and to lay the first foundations of a sustainable economic model for the accompanying organisations.

This work has shown that, by encouraging mutual aid between generations, substantial savings can be made by young people and substantial savings for the social security fund. Further, according to data that we will present to you, the presence of a young person with a senior housemate has a very probable preventive effect. Finally, the study identified the potential for developing the scheme in France.

This conversation is open to everyone. The study will be presented by Joachim Pasquet, Directeur of Cohabilis, with opportunity for questions and discussion.