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Raising Awareness

Shout it out! Homeshare really works.

Homeshare programme professionals use many tools to increase public awareness about Homesharing and its benefits.

In addition to commonly-available tools, HI offers its members the Homeshare Shout! tool kit.

Members are also invited to join the HI Facebook page and post updates about their work there.

Coronavirus Update

There is lots of information and guidance going around about how to respond to Coronavirus in your countries. We know that people over 65 and those with existing health conditions are particularly vulnerable. We are seeing lots of good examples of how Homesharers are supporting each other through this time. Especially those who are far away from family and can’t travel.

Please refer to you own country’s guidance on how to advise and respond to the crisis with your Homeshare matches.

The World Health Organisation has general guidance on their website you can also refer to here:

Please stay safe during this time and do contact us if we can help in any way during this time

You can email us at