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Homeshare Trivia

Homeshare Trivia Quiz

One of the great things about homeshare is that there is always something unique happening somewhere in the world.

Take our quiz, maybe get a chuckle or two, and see if you learn anything new.

The answers to all questions can be found on our website. You get points for each correct answer.

What are the benefits of homesharing?

In the 2020 paper Intergenerational homesharing programmes. A piece of the ‘ageing in place’ puzzle? researcher Giuliana Costa reported several benefits to homesharing. 
Select the benefits Giuliana identified and get 5 points for each correct answer 🙂

What kinds of help might be given in a homeshare match?

This is an important consideration for homesharing:
  • 10 points added for each correct answer
  • 15 points deduced for each wrong answer!

When did the first homeshare programmes start?

... 5 points for the right answer

What is the world's longest running Homeshare programme?

... 5 points for the right answer

Who started Homeshare International?

... 5 points for the right answer

Which of the following countries have hosted a world homeshare congress?

...check all that apply     5 points for each correct answer 🙂

Homeshare International celebrated its 20th anniversary at a World Homeshare Congress.

At the Congress Gala Banquet we enjoyed this spectacular and delicious cake custom-made by a talented staff member of the host Homeshare programme.
5 points if you know where that congress was held

Where is the next World Homeshare Congress taking place?

... 5 points for the correct answer

What are "The Marmalade Diaries"?

... 5 points for the right answer

What does HANZA stand for?

... 5 points for the right answer

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